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    Monday, September 23rd, 2019
    6:12 am
    Enjoy the Walkabout Solopreneur Process
    As I mentioned before, the best goal is one where you enjoy the entire process. Merely craving the end goal will not be enough. A lot of men want to get laid with beautiful women, but they can’t maintain continuous effort of hunting for them on the streets or bars. A lot of men want big muscles, but they can’t maintain a continuous program of working out in the gym or watching their diet. If these men set goals around sex or muscles, they will fail. I have a goal to finish books, and since I like the process of writing, my goal is an inevitable conclusion of what I like doing, which means I’m likely to succeed.

    ~ http://www.rooshv.com/when-you-set-a-goal-you-inherit-a-lifestyle

    Walkabout Solopreneur - https://walkaboutsolopreneur.com/
    Friday, August 23rd, 2019
    5:16 pm
    Going WS
    I have to get all parts of the WS machine working in unison. The problem is that I have too many things I want to write about and I am overwhelming myself with what has to be done. I have to do more with less.

    Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019
    7:55 am
    Walkabout Solopreneur
    My main concept for Walkabout Solopreneur is that I can take a homeless vet or single mom and teach them a way to earn money online in the fastest way possible and for free if they have no money to spend. Not new. Years ago, Travis Sago came up with the idea of Bum Marketing. Essentially, it was writing articles and posting them online in free locations and monetizing using affiliate marketing. Times have moved on, but the concept remains.


    Current Mood: busy
    Thursday, May 10th, 2018
    7:26 am
    Tips for Introvert Boomer Male Reboot
    IBM* Restart (*Introvert Boomer Male)

    At age 64, it’s amazing how often I have to revive and clean up my unhealthy habits.

    You would wonder if I would have understood by now.

    Why did we not learn from the Stoics, the Greeks, or the Code of Bushido, how to live a healthy and right life?.

    Almost all self-help books repeat the identical extrovert testimonies of pulling oneself up by your own bootstraps. As a rule, self-help pablum tends to make us all feel like failures when we can't move in some self-anointed guru's path.

    Possibly more than once.

    No matter how hard you attempt to stay optimistic, nasty thoughts defeat your sense of happiness and self-worth. Life gets in the way of living a wonderful life.

    I have become way too critical of my setbacks while dismissing past successes. We all tear ourselves down by contrasting our lives to others we see as more prosperous. I've had some great jobs. And I've settled for shitty jobs when I needed the money. But I have yet to live the life I silently desire.

    We have all learned to substitute the judgement of others for our own. If someone else says that we are doing the right thing, we are honored and believe them. But how often does that happen?

    No one is perfect. We all move through life the best way we can. Errors are inescapable.

    To know an IBM is the first step to enlightenment. Especially if you know yourself. I didn't make up these solutions. I'm a curator and researcher at heart. I will share what works for me. Theory alone will not help, especially as that light at the end of the tunnel gets brighter every day.

    As baby boomers, we’re not finished. Not by a long shot.

    I don’t know where feelings of uncertainty and low confidence crept in. No problem. Every journey begins from your current place and time. I will share tips and specialist techniques and procedures and rituals I use to boost my health, wealth, and relationships.

    Only you can decide if these approaches will work for you. For whatever reason, we see our own problems as unmanageable. Given enough time and information, we can solve almost any problem.

    Everyone has their own set of unique problems. Concentrate on answers.

    What we can all do is tackle these issues:

    1. Let a life reboot lead you to your vision for your future.

    2. Vanquish fears that you are considering the wrong path or that you are too old to make effective changes.

    3. Trust yourself. Trust those around you. If you can't trust them, change them.

    4. Face fears of being rejected and uncertainty and crush them once and for all.

    5. Being the best IBM you can be does not require comparison to others. Totally focus on your own strategies.

    6. Stuck? Think like an iphone and jailbreak. Do things no one thinks you can do.

    7. Learn from the Stoics and take one action at a time.

    8. Attain satisfaction and happiness in your individual relationships.

    This article and upcoming reports and ebooks are designed to move you away from ground zero and on to the life you are entitled to. The road to recovery and reboot is a fantastic path, and I welcome the company and accountability.

    Chaz Lamm

    If you happen to be an introvert, male, and born between 1946 1964, you happen to be one among us. Come over to http://introvertboomermale.com and subscribe among the sidebar form to be brought upcoming posts by email. We, greater than anyone, be respectful to your privacy.
    Thursday, January 25th, 2018
    6:04 pm
    I don't know where all these russian and chinese comments are coming from.
    Thursday, November 9th, 2017
    10:32 am
    I haven't posted here in ages. I will correct that situation soon.
    Saturday, February 18th, 2017
    8:28 pm
    I'm back. Look for articles to come.
    Wednesday, August 7th, 2013
    6:41 am
    Text the Romance Back Rapid Review
    Text the Romance Back Rapid Review - Romantic Text - http://texttheromancebackreview.tk

    Many women struggle to get their guys to be more romantic but end up feeling utterly and completely frustrated. They speculate why their man is not listening, or feel as though he's not in love.

    What I am going to propose is a unique romance idea. Your cell phone is your quickest way to revive your relationship quickly. A text message can operate as a gigantic trigger. You have heard of Pavlov's dog? That is what I am going to suggest you do with text messages. Create positive triggers for your lover that encourage him to revive the romance spontaneously.

    When women think about romance, they think about it much differently than men do. In order for your guy to want to please you, you must begin thinking and behaving in ways that will motivate him to respond.

    Make sure you appear mysterious. Without mystery, his brain will have no space to explore you. You want him to think about you, but you don't want him to know everything at once. Create interest. Leave him wanting more.

    Curiosity is your best tool to create interest. The fastest method to get him to be a romance junkie is to get him thinking about you all day and night by sending him little text messages he will never forget. Make him work a little to know where you're leading him, but understand where you are going.

    Texting is a fast way to rekindle a relationship. It trumps nagging and telling him what it is he isn't doing. Guys don't really respond to conversation, it's actions that get their interest. You can text the romance back. - http://texttheromancebackreview.tk

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    Wednesday, January 30th, 2013
    6:54 am
    Romance Impaired Special Report
    the Romance Impaired Special Report

    Half of the populace is romance impaired. They are referred to as men. Here are a number of tips and tips to get you through those special days or to regenerate a romantic bond. Simply understand if you are a guy, it is your fault and your duty to repair it.

    10 Rapid Romantic Tips:

    1. Arrange a hot air ballooning trip as a surprise. Most trips start with a glass of champagne before you float over the landscape with your lover. Just make sure she is not terrified of heights.

    2. If your significant other is going away on a trip, hide a tiny gift into the corner of her suitcase that she will uncover while she is away.

    3. If your wife has to work later than usual, make a lunch box and fill it with her favorite treats such as chocolates, herbal tea, and cookies. Inscribe "Open in Case of Emergency" on the top. Send it off with her in the morning or deliver it in person at the end of the day if feasible.

    4. Organize a mystery outing for you and your lover. A number of travel agents will organize mystery packages where the destination of the trip is kept secret until you are actually on the airplane or arrive at the destination.

    5. If you are low on cash, a single long stem rose with a note might still enhance romance. "Thank you for coming into my life."

    6. Get in touch with your wife's relatives and inquire if there was something special she wanted when she was a little girl. For instance if she always desired a porcelain China doll, buy one for her birthday. She will not only appreciate the present, but also the fact that you were thoughtful enough to find out what she always wanted.

    7. Jot down a note saying "I thought of you and it made me smile." Leave the message somewhere where your lover is certain to find it, or text it to her phone.

    8. If your partner has long hair, take the time to brush it using long slow strokes, particularly after she has enjoyed a shower or when she is getting ready for bed.

    9. Buy a book you and your partner are mutually interested in. Read one chapter out loud every night in bed.

    10. While I love the speed and intimacy of SMS/texting to a cell phone, email is not dead. As she leaves the house for work, email "Miss You Already" to her business email so it's in her inbox before she arrives.

    Ten suggestions are not an exhaustive list, but if you're like me, it really is more than she's been getting for quite some time.

    Come on over to http://txtromance.com for the latest and greatest ways to use smartphone technology for old-fashioned romance and keep the starch in your relationship.

    Tags: romantic couples,romantic dinners,romantic dinner for two,romantic games,romantic tips,romantic trips

    Just a start, but everyone has to start somewhere. Yet it pays huge dividends, especially physically. If a holiday or birthday is coming up, go high tech and make use of SMS to text your ex or romance back.

    By Charles Lamm

    Current Mood: awake
    Tuesday, January 8th, 2013
    11:50 am
    Why He Lies and Cheats Special Report
    If you are a woman, you have been lied to by a man. You've been lied to by every man you have ever loved. Can you prevent the guy you love from lying and cheating? - http://chazlcom.whyhelies.hop.clickbank.net/

    It's difficult to understand, but guys lie to women all the time.

    About insignificant things . ..

    Substantial things...

    About things that don't appear to be of importance at all . . .

    Women want to understand why.

    Why will he not merely tell the truth?

    My friend Michael Fiore (a nationally recognized romance expert who's assisted thousands of women) states there are in fact 3 reasons why guys lie to women (and 2 of them are actually pretty simple . . . here is the first one that tends to SHOCK quite a few women.)

    See this video now: http://chazlcom.whyhelies.hop.clickbank.net/

    For more on a new era of romance and relationships, or why men lie and cheat,why men lie in relationships,why women cry and men lie, visit our site: http://txtromance.com/

    Charles Lamm
    Wednesday, December 5th, 2012
    3:20 pm
    The Zen of Why He Lies and Cheats
    The Zen of Why He Lies and Cheats

    If you're like most women, you have no doubt been lied to by a man. You've been lied to by every man you have ever trusted. Can you prevent the guy you adore from lying and cheating?

    Back in the 60s, Bill Cosby had a routine regarding his "Two Daughters". He talked about what he did as a younger man with the girls. Lying to them. Cheating on them. And now he had two daughters. "The hunter has become the hunted."

    The uncomplicated truth is, guys lie to women all the time . . .

    Minor stuff...

    About large stuff . . .

    About things that do not seem to be of importance at all . . .


    Why won't he simply tell the truth.

    My friend Michael Fiore (a nationally known romance authority who's helped thousands of women) states there are in fact 3 reasons that men lie to women (and 2 of them are actually pretty simple . . . here's the first one that tends to SHOCK a number of women.)

    Michael says that men lie to women because men are SCARED of women.

    The Secret Survey is a raw confirmation - and an "aha" explanation - of the actual motives why the guy you love, and who loves you, even now lies, cheats, and fantasizes about other women.

    According to Dr. John Gottman at the University of Washington, women are able to both go into and get back from intense emotional states a lot more rapidly and easier than guys are able to.

    Makes perfect sense.

    We've all experienced a woman burst into tears one moment only to be completely fine 5 minutes later.

    Men are thought "fragile" when it comes to ego, but I believe it is something else. As kids, little boys were told to suck it up and take emotional hits. They couldn't win. Little girls are encouraged to cry and talk it out.

    Rather than reveal feelings and take a hit, men will lie and avoid emotional mine fields.

    From a very early age, guys learn that if they tell women the truth, women might FREAK OUT on them. Flood them with scary emotions .

    Women must know which type of lies to watch for, when to allow the lies, and when to call a partner’s bluff without destroying the romance.

    If you wish to sincerely understand men, you should drop whatever you are doing and go watch this stunning new video Michael Fiore has recently released. - http://chazlcom.whyhelies.hop.clickbank.net/

    It provides you "X Ray Vision" into the minds of guys . . .

    So should men always be honest with women? The answer is no -- not if a man knows what's good for him. You have to appreciate his position.

    But where is he at mentally? Know what he in fact thinks of you (and why men are so awful at showing a woman that he loves her.)

    Learn why he looks at other women, what it means when he looks at another woman, and what really goes through his head when he sees a hot girl walking down the street.

    Understand why men cheat - and how to negate your man's desire to cheat on you just by saying a few simple words.

    Knowing your man's dirty mind is not rocket science. You have the skill to give him all the sexual excitement to keep him addicted to you.


    Men and women were asked one question each:

    Secret Survey Question Asked of Women:

    “If you had telepathy and could read any man’s mind, what’s the one thing you would desperately want to know?”

    Secret Survey Question Directed at Men:

    “What’s the one thing you desperately wish women understood about men, but could never tell her?” .

    Women responded with questions like:

    - Does he in reality love me?
    - What does he think about me?
    - What do I do to make him love me?
    - Why does he get so silent?
    - Why does he stare at other women?
    - Why do men lie?
    - Why doesn’t he talk with me?
    - Is he unfaithful to me now?
    - Will he love me forever?

    Top alpha males - married to beautiful actresses, models, and socialites - are unfaithful. Can anyone say Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger, or Jesse James. You really need to know why and work to stop it, or at the least, take corrective action before you are too emotionally drawn in.

    And the men (21,000+ were surveyed), notorious for closing down when it comes to sharing feelings and emotions, abruptly opened their hearts and chimed in with things like:

    - What men truly needed from women
    - What men really wanted in bed
    - Why they wander
    - Why guys lie to women
    - What women do that causes men pain
    - How women emotionally destroy men without even comprehending it
    - Why it is so hard to stay faithful

    Discover the Real Reason ALL Guys Lie To Women They Adore And Learn How To Discover How He Sincerely Feels About You Without Him Saying A Word...

    See this video now: http://chazlcom.whyhelies.hop.clickbank.net/

    For more on TXTromance, or why do men cheat on wives,why do men lie in relationships,why men lie and women cry video free download, visit our site: http://txtromance.com/

    Charles Lamm

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    Wednesday, November 14th, 2012
    10:14 pm
    Qody's Redirector Breaking News
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    Redirect upon the mouse leaving any page. Redirecting users exactly when they attempt to leave your site guarantees the complete 100% usefulness of each visitor. They don't like your content? Divert them to an affiliate offer on the way out.

    In the pro version provided via the monthly membership, additional options come into play such as redirect rotation, redirect delay, and a popup option.


    Thoroughly test. Earn money. Take advantage of the 30 day money back guarantee.

    Full 30 day guarantee.

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    Charles Lamm
    Thursday, October 25th, 2012
    7:06 pm
    Why He Lies and Cheats Special Alert
    Why He Lies and Cheats Special Alert
    - http://txtromance.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/whymenlieandcheat.pdf

    For hundreds of thousands of years, the need to mate with numerous partners was an extremely useful reproductive strategy. Men and women, who strayed on a "spouse", were more prone to succeed at having a lot more children than people who were utterly devoted to a mate. Cheating was a tactic to enhance reproductive success and diversify risk.

    Some important differences between men and women when it comes to cheating:

    1. Men are more likely than women to cheat with a woman who is less alluring than their current partner. Women cheat socially upward while men are more like hunters when it comes to cheating.

    2. Men seek raw, one-night stands instead of emotional affairs.

    3. Men are less likely to think about leaving their partners after cheating. As soon as women cheat, it tends to be emotional, so they are more likely to consider ending their current relationship.

    4. Men are more likely than women to repetitively cheat on a wife or lover.

    If you've ever had your heart shattered or been lied to by a man, you need to go see this incredible video immediately. It's by nationally renowned relationship expert Michael Fiore and it exposes a simple, horrific truth about guys. And shows you how to find out the honest truth about how he feels about you . . . what he desires from you . . . and how to make a guy truly yours forever.

    If you're like me (or thousands of other women) you will find yourself nodding along with this video, shocked and thankful that a guy like Michael is finally telling you the truth. - http://txtromance.com/men-lie-cheat-report/

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